Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Vs Diamond

Differentiating a Diamond from a Cubic Zirconia

4157B-CR-G-2.jpgA diamond and a cubic zirconia are both used in making beautiful jewelry pieces. Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, is a form of zirconium dioxide in a crystalline form. It looks a lot like a real diamond, so similar that it is hard to tell their differences. Their similarities make CZ the widely used and perfect substitute to the real thing. It is durable, hard, more affordable and sparkly. It is easy to tell why it is dominating jewelry trends.

There are notable differences between a cubic zirconia and diamond jewelry. A diamond is a natural element while the former is synthetic. Diamonds have long been known as the hardest substance in the world, scoring a 10 in Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It has a slight tint of yellow or brown due to its nitrogen content and may appear to have its defects when closely inspected. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand is flawless, often appears to be colorless and has a rating of 8.5 from the Mohs scale. Its beauty and sparkle may wear off over time, but a diamond, just like what the slogan says, is forever.

Aluminum zirconia has lower refractive index compared to diamonds and it’s significantly cheaper than a diamond. If observed closely through a loupe, a diamond’s facets are sharp, as opposed to the facets of a cubic zirconia which has smooth and rounder edges.

If you have diamond jewelry, or are thinking of getting one, you don’t want to be a victim of a jewelry scam. First thing you may do is to go straight to a reputable jeweler to determine the authenticity of the stone. It takes a really trained eye to detect the difference between the two stones. Experienced jewelers usually have a diamond tester, which is a small electronic device that can accurately detect a real diamond. If you don’t have a time to spare to visit a jewelry store, you can perform various tests on your own:

– The fog test: This is a simple accurate technique that can be easily performed. To do this, simply breathe on it. A diamond, being incapable of holding heat, will fade the fog away but with a cubic zirconium, it will be foggy for a while.

– The glass strategy: Real diamond jewelry will cause damage to a glass when scratched, but a CZ can’t scratch the glass and most likely, will damage itself. This is an age old trick usually done by many.

– Reading test: This method is easily performed by placing a reading material like a newspaper or a magazine at the back of the stone. Reading through the stone is not possible with a real diamond, because of its lines, but if you can see through it, then it is a cubic zirconia.

– Weight test: Real diamond jewelry weighs lighter than a cubic zirconia. The latter is estimated to weigh 55% more than a diamond. If you have equipment, use a gram scale and compare the weight of the two stones with the same carat.

Not anybody appreciate the lovely start that accompanies a jewel ring? I know I might! Yet most individuals, incorporating myself, have no real way to extend their plan far enough to purchase a few of these jewel rings. What somebody may do in this circumstance? All things considered, the best alternative is purchasing cubic zirconia rings. Clearly, there are a couple of things you have to think about before you choose to purchase these rings. You can purchase these rings in very nearly anywhere that offers adornments. Right away, it is essential for us to comprehend what the distinction truly is.

Zirconia is a lab sort made of zirconium dioxide. The stones are immaculate pieces and for the most part don’t accompany all shades. You can, on the other hand, add color to them, when you like. Case in point, in the event that you are searching for a ring pink rings that they imbue cubic zirconia with erbium throughout the unanticipated phases of processing so it is you need in your pink cubic zirconia. So it would appear that precious stones, most individuals have seen cubic zirconia to be a significant contender for jewels.

Sizes made for cubic zirconia jewelry does not copy the measure of the precious stones found. This means by and large one carat jewel won’t be the same esteem as a carat cubic zirconia rings. Cubic zirconia is for the most part and particularly measured in millimeters. In the event that you were purchasing a carat jewel, it might resemble a six millimeter cubic zirconia.

The hardness of cubic zirconia is measured utilizing the Mohs scale, which is typically utilized as a method of measuring any mineral hardness. On a scale of one to ten, cubic zirconia scores around an eight. On the same scale jewels are a ten. In examination with the jewel cubic zirconia is not as hard, yet at the same time moderately challenging contrasted with different minerals. The hardness of cubic zirconia, it is ideal for utilization in great cubic zirconia engagement rings.

There are numerous distinctive sorts of metals commonly used to process these rings. A few metals are copper, metal, sterling silver and gold. When you begin to choose what kind of metal you need for the ring, keep in mind to search for a metal that can oblige how you want to wear this ring. You can get 14-carat gold rings are created out of yellow, rose or white gold, if gold is the place you need to go. 10 karat gold is a magnificent decision also, since it is a great deal harder than 14 karat gold.

Utilizing sterling silver could be a great decision for rings as well. Copper and metal are ordinarily used to make a percentage of the less costly rings available today and not last you. They can likewise leave green stains on your fingers when you have them for a really long time.

You can include rings zircons in splendidly with the majority of your wardrobe. Remember when you choose to zirconium purchase gems in light of the fact that it is much shabbier than jewels and appear to be identical